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Whisper is an app built specifically for spreading rumors and secrets, lets users post pictures and text anonymously. Apps like Whisper could potentially be a good outlet for teens, as anonymous confessions can help people unburden themselves. But Whisper shares the secrets based on geographic location, so the users nearest to your child are the ones more likely to see the secret. If your child reveals too much, it can put him or in a dangerous situation with friends or adversaries. The most dangerous apps for teens use GPS tracking to bring people physically together. Cyberbullying is much more hurtful when the person bullying your child moves from online to in-person abuse. In this case, Whisper seems like it could cause teens more harm than good.


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  1. John Michels
    John Michels September 22, 2015 at 11:23 am - Reply

    “I urge parents (as I myself am not a parent, but am an 18 year old trying to help as best I can) to check your children’s apps for any application that lets the user post anonymously(like whisper). Even locally, I have noticed an alarming amount of posts made by children in my area about how they hate life and wish to end it. It is sad to know that most of the parents are unaware due to the sneaky behavior.” – camrad114, CarefulParent member

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