I found this post on SecretDrugTest.com, it talks about places where kids most commonly hide drugs/alcohol and I thought some of this information maybe helpful to parents who may think that their kids are hiding something from them.  It also talks about signs to look for in terms of posters in their rooms (what they say on them), household items with hidden compartments, and what different drug paraphernalia can look like.

“Popular places to hide drugs around the house are surprisingly in the kitchen, bathroom, and an attic or basement.

  • In a bathroom, taped underneath the tank or inside an exhaust fan
  • The drop ceiling of a basement or storage room
  • Underneath the insulation in the attic
  • Inside the wall plate on the light switches
  • Inside throw pillows
  • Taped to the inside of air-conditioning ducts
  • A custom made can with a bottom that screws open
  • Inside any electrical appliance
  • Inside a hollowed out book on a bookshelf
  • In a sibling’s room
  • In their car or possibly your car
  • Outside in the yard underneath something heavy
  • Inside the pockets of coats, jackets, and clothes hanging in closets
  • Inside old shoes”