How do parents keep their kids safe when it comes to sex?  Every parent has their own strategy and we want to hear about yours.

So, how do you talk to your kids about sex?

Regardless of your method, there is a new trend in sex referred to as “Stealthing”.  Stealthing has a number of meanings but the gist of those is that a condom is altered or removed just prior to, or during sex.  There are a number of dangers involved in this activity that kids are not thinking through.  At the top of that list are pregnancy and STD’s.

There are a number of articles that you can read about online to find out why people do this (WARNING: many of which are graphic in nature), but it is something to be aware of in case you hear your kids talking about it.  If you didn’t know what “Stealthing” was in casual conversation, you would have no idea what it was referring to without some context.

Whether you believe in abstinence or safe sex, this is certainly a term to be aware of.