This is from last year, but I saw a few words on it that were news to me.  I had heard them around, but wasn’t sure what they meant.  There are 19 in total on the link below, but I copied the most ridiculous ones below.

  1. Thot-
    [thawt; noun] It’s actually an acronym that means “That Hoe Over There.” It can refer to anyone you don’t like or anyone who acts in a way you don’t agree with.
  2. Bae-[b-aye; noun] Another acronym, standing for “Before Anyone Else.” Can be substituted in place of “babe” or “baby,” or to refer to someone sexy (“he’s the bae”).
  3. Ratchet-[rat-chet; adj.] Some claim it began as a mispronunciation of the word “wretched.” Either way, it is used to describe someone’s looks or behavior that is deemed as less than satisfactory.
  4. Shade-[shay-d; noun] Most often expressed as “throwing shade” or “shaded.” When someone calls another out in public, they are “throwing shade.” When someone is put on blast, they are “shaded.”
  5. Basic Bitch- [bay-sick bitch; noun] Someone who is basic has zero personality — the most boring of life’s pH scale. They like what the other basic bitches like, dress how the other basic bitches dress, and only associate with other basic bitches.
  6. Turnt-[turn-ht; sometimes styled turnT; adjective] To act crazy, have fun, be social, often in a party atmosphere or under the influence of alcohol. Can also be used for someone who acted too crazy (or got too turnT).
  7. T-Up-[tee – up; verb] The new “Turnt,” T-up is short for turn up.
  8. DGAF-DGAF [dee-gaph; acronym] Short for “Don’t Give a F*ck.” Can be used as such in a sentence, or to express a general state of mind of being apathetic.
  9. AF- [acronym] Unlike in DGAF, where the AF stood for “a F*ck,” when used alone it stands for “as F*ck.” Usually to express how much of a feeling you are feeling (i.e. a lot).
  10. I can’t even-[phrase] To express an unspeakable level of disbelief. Could be used in place of “I’m speechless,” or to express revulsion to a specific person or event.
  11. #MCM/WCW-[hashtag] They stand for “Man Crush Monday” and “Woman Crush Wednesday,” a way to honor your significant other or crush on Instagram. Can also be used in a platonic manner for a friend, or someone you think is inspirational.
  12. ByeFelicia- [buh-eye fuh-lee-sha; phrase] Originally featured in the 1995 film Friday, the phrase has picked up a new life via the millennials. “Bye, Felicia!” is used to dismiss anyone who is bothering and/or annoying you, or to someone you DGAF is leaving.


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