Is anyone familiar with the deep or dark web?  I saw a post on my Facebook feed today which discussed a “Dead Girls” site that is supposedly on the dark web.  The post was simply an image with a couple sentences, but it said that this site had pictures of dead girls and was making kids mentally unstable.  After seeing this post, I decided to do a little bit of research this site and others that may be on the dark web.

What I found was truly disturbing.  Supposedly, there are a number sites (Dead Girls included) which include rape videos, snuff films, places to buy drugs, a “How to Cook Women” site where there is an actual forum for discussion, and much much more.

I, personally, had no idea how to get to the dark web, but then I quite easily found a site with a guide on how to do so.  If I can find this with one simple search, your kids can too.  This particular site shows you how to get on the dark web anonymously so that nothing is stored on your device and your IP address is not shared.  The guide discusses the need for a TOR web browser so if you hear your kids talking about this browser, you know you need to get involved.

Can anyone else confirm some of these types of sites on the dark web?  Can you share any stories about how anyone you know found these sites so that we know what to be aware of?