There is a recent story of 4 kids in Texas dying after they attempted to water down some pesticides that had been applied around their mobile home.

From CNN, “After someone applied the pesticide — aluminum phosphide — under the mobile home, a family member tried to wash it away, said Capt. Larry Davis of the Amarillo Fire Department.

But aluminum phosphide mixed with water creates toxic phosphine gas, which can cause excess fluid in the lungs and respiratory failure.”

“What precautions should you take with pesticides?

In addition to following the label’s instructions exactly, the National Pesticide Information Center recommends:
— Mixing pesticides outside or in well-ventilated areas
— Making sure children and pets are away from the area where you’re mixing and applying pesticides
— Removing personal items, such as toys, clothing, or tools from the spray area to avoid contamination
— Mixing only what you need immediately to avoid storing or disposing of excess pesticide
— Having a plan in case of a pesticide spill. Have paper towels, sawdust or cat litter, garbage bags and non-absorbent gloves nearby to contain the spill. “Avoid using excessive amounts of water, as this may only spread the pesticide and could be harmful to the environment.””