Sounds painful right?  This trend, especially in college age students, involves pouring vodka or other alcohol directly into their eyes.  This give them a much faster buzz as the alcohol gets into their blood stream much faster.

“Video sharing network YouTube features more than 800 clips (as of 2011) of people pouring vodka into their eyes and there are host of Facebook groups supporting the phenomenon.

Dr Cindy Tromans, the President of the College of Optometrists, is so concerned she has appeared on a BBC documentary about Britain’s binge drinking culture.

‘Vodka eyeballing is like pouring bleach in your eye – it’s extremely painful,’  she warned.

‘The main danger from pouring 40 per cent alcohol into the eye is damage to the epithelium which is a delicate layer of skin cells covering the eye,’ Dr Tromans told Mail Online.

‘Alcohol will damage this layer which then leaves the eye vulnerable to infection and potentially scarring which in the long run can be sight threatening.'”