Check out this story about a dad who developed the “X-Plan” with his kids so that they could get out of potentially dangerous situations.

Here is how it works, as most kids will do, your kid will find themselves in an unsavory situation.  When your kid is in a situation that is uncomfortable or dangerous (i.e. being peer pressured to do something they should not), have them text you with only “X”.  Once you, as the parent, receive that text, call your son or daughter and tell them they need to come home immediately.  This gives your kids a perfect excuse to leave (they just blame you!), and can get them out of danger.

This plan could save your kid’s life.

As you could imagine, a child could be scared to text their parents this as they may think that their parents would be mad they have gotten themselves in their predicament.  The way you combat this is to have an upfront agreement that you will not ask questions or make judgments on the text.  I know this is easier said than done, but you will have to come to some sort of agreement before the plan will work.

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