Uber is an alternative to taking a taxi.  People sign up to become drivers and can then pick up riders and be paid for their time.  Uber uses an app that is easily downloaded on phones and is extremely popular due to the convenience advantage it holds over taxis.

I had no idea, but apparently Uber has recorded a very large number of sexual assaults by drivers towards women riders.  Because of a situation that occurred to one Uber driver, he is creating a a similar service that only has women drivers and only picks up women or males under the age of 13.

I had no idea Uber was having this issue but apparently it has brought their screening process under a lot of scrutiny recently.  Definitely something to be aware of as a parent if your high school or college age kids use Uber.

From an article in USA today…

“Harris said she frequently uses ride-sharing services, and only once felt unsafe when her male Uber driver suddenly became loud and aggressive. While this experience hasn’t deterred her from using Uber, she said it has made her more wary of the potential risks.

“Uber is definitely safer than walking home, but if there was another service that was as convenient as Uber and offered the same service and I knew I would have a woman driver, I would definitely consider it,” she said. “Why not take that extra step to be safe — especially as a woman in college?” – see full article here