I read this story on RollingStone.com.  It’s a brief story about Twitter being used for bullying which would be VERY easy to do because you could basically pick any twitter handle at random and just start bullying someone.  Also, it’s VERY easy to create a fake account in order to maintain anonymity.

From RollingStone:

Teen Harasses Family Friend Online – and IRL
Leo Traynor, an Irish writer, spent years being increasingly scared for his life. What started as a string of Twitter attacks – usually antisemitic nonsense that he was happy to delete and flag – turned exponentially more sinister when the troll began to send packages to his home. First was a box of ashes with the note “Say hello to your relatives from Auschwitz.” Then came dead flowers with his wife’s Twitter handle attached, quickly followed by a direct message saying “You’ll get home some day & ur bitches throat will be cut & ur son will be gone.” When an IT-whiz friend offered to track down the troll’s IP address in 2012, Traynor was stunned to discover that the three years’ worth of harassment were coming from the teenage son of a close friend. Traynor chose to confront the boy rather than taking the issue to authorities; when faced when evidence of what he’d done and how it had affected his victim, he burst into tears. Yet all he had to say for himself was that it had been “like a game thing” for him.”