As a way to get around driving laws where kids with new licences cannot drive friends around, kids sometimes can drive with their friends in the trunk and this activity is called “trunking”.

Obviously, if people are in the trunk, police will be none the wiser in regards to who is in the car.

From, “In Chicago, two teenage boys were riding in the trunk of a car when it hit a tree. According to police reports: “The trunk lid popped open in the crash, ejected them onto the highway and they were run over.”
A similar situation occurred near Los Angeles last year. In that incident police report that a 15-year-old boy and his young friend died when they hitched a ride in the trunk of a car. “The driver crashed while making a lane change. The impact hurled the boys out of the trunk and onto the highway where they were run over by on-coming traffic.”

As a result, the mother of one of the dead teens is urging lawmakers to create a no “trunking” law. If it passes, the law would mandate that teen violators be made to pay $350 and have two points assessed on their drivers license, essentially suspending it for six months. Under the current law, the driver of the car that was involved in the accident which killed the two California teens was fined just $35.

So what can you do if you find your teen “trunking?”

· Police say make the consequences severe. Suspend all driving privileges for a period of time.

· If you live in a state that currently doesn’t have restrictions on teen drivers, set your own.

· Teach your teen to buckle up (in most states it’s the law). Police say it’s extremely important that teens know that any unbelted passenger is at extreme risk in an accident- whether they are in the cabin or in the trunk.”