I found this video on YouTube and the video give you a good taste for each of these games.  They are EXTREMELY violent and much worse than many rated R movies.  I am not someone who believes that video games necessarily cause violence, but I do think there is an element of desensitizing that can occur.  In addition, I wouldn’t let kids of a certain age watch rated R movies, so I also wouldn’t want them playing these games without my knowledge.


WARNING: The violence in this video is maybe VERY disturbing

YouTube Video


The list is as follows:

#10 Wolfenstein New Order/Old Blood

#9 Grand Theft Auto V

#8 Killing Floor 2

#7 Resident Evil Revelations 2

#6 Dying Light

#5 The Evil Within

#4 Hotline Miami 2

#3 Outlast Whistle Blower

#2 Hatred

#1 Mortal Kombat X