CarefulParents is proud to be working with another great parenting resource, ThirdParent.  ThirdParent was formed in 2013, when their principals were discussing various parenting challenges created by the internet and cell phones. As internet professionals and parents of teens themselves, ThirdParent saw that keeping our children safe while at the same time giving them access to the best opportunities, communities and information available was a difficult — but absolutely necessary mission. This was the reason they adopted the mantra of “trust but verify.”

ThirParent set about to design a process wherein if parents give them a minimal amount of information (we care about privacy too), they can efficiently do an audit of a pre-teen, teen or young adult’s public online persona, and arm families with the information necessary for successful online reputation management.

The process works. While their primary focus is families, we are in the early stages of engaging with middle schools, high schools and colleges. What they have learned in developing their process will be an educational tool for online citizens and leaders in any walk of life.