I found a few blogs that give tips on how to hide eating disorders.  These are very dangerous, good to know that they are out there.   I have included some of the tips below as well as some of the websites.

I want bones

Angel Fire

Craving Thin

1. Chew lots and lots of gum. Anorexia gives you bad breath, gum will help hide the smell.

2. Exercise everyday. Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Walk to school or work. Jumping jacks and skipping rope burn lots of calories.

3. Brush your teeth often. It tricks your body into thinking you’re done eating, and it can help with the bad breath.

4. Drink lots of water, especially before eating or drinking anything with calories in it. Carry water with you everywhere you do.

5. Invest in a good shampoo and conditioner. Buy a deep conditioner. Your brittle hair will need it.

6. Get your nails done professionally or keep them painted at all time to hide your brittle nails.

7. Get a job at a restaurant so people will asume that you’ve already eaten.

8. Never refuse food, just throw it away when no one is looking. Keep napkins and tissue in your purse.

9. Drink lots of White Tea and Green Tea

10. Become a vegan or vegetarian

11. Keep moving around because every little movement burns calories

12. Weight train, in addition to lots of cardio

13. Always buy your clothes one size smaller than you need so you will be encouraged to lose weight.

14. Eat small bites as slowly as you possibly can. Chew at least 20 times, put down your utensils, and take a sip of water in between every bite. This works wonders on your appetite.

15. Don’t multi-task when eating, only focus on the food. This is especially important when breaking a fast. Trust me on this one.

16. Wear lipstick, you will eat less to avoid smudging it.

17. Take vitamins!!!! I take 2 Multivitamins a day, Calcium with Vitamin D, Omega 3 (helps keep your skin and hair healthy), Probiotics (for enema and laxitive abuse), and Greens Plus for energy. Make sure you count your vitamins towards your daily calories. P.S. It’s worth the calories!!

18. Weigh yourself everyday and keep track of your progress.