What does “FAP” mean?  In short, it means male masturbation.  There are actually all kinds of online challenges when it comes to “fapping”, that you may or may not want to look up for yourself (Warning: 99% are not safe for work or any other social setting for that matter).

This is the new slang term for masturbation and can be used in hashtags, on texts, or in everyday discussion.  Now, why should you know about it?  Let us give you an example.  If your daughter likes to spend time on social network sites like Chatroulette.com, then they will likely be exposed to boys who are fapping.  If you hear them discussing this with their friends and you don’t understand the lingo, you will not know what they are watching online.  The term sounds ambiguous, but now you know and as they used to say on G.I. Joe, “knowing is half the battle”.