If you thought the pinnacle of stupidity was reached with Tide pod challenge, you were WRONG!  Welcome to the new “Hot Coil Challenge”.

You can probably guess what this challenge entails, but in case it is unclear, this challenge involves a video originally posted on Reddit and dares the contestant to hold their arm against the coils of a stove for as long as possible.  The goal, to see who can keep their burning flesh on the coil the longest.  The challenger is rewarded with third degree burns, but obviously the results could be much much worse.

The below article was originally published on TheSun.com.

The challenge first came about on Reddit and tests how long a person can hold their arm pressed against a piping hot coil while inflicting themselves with third degree burns.

In a bid to create a poor man’s Jack ass challenge go viral, the volunteer looks into the camera while hovering his forearm over the red hot metal.

The long-haired man tells the camera: “See that hot f***ing coil?”  The cameraman responds: “Yeah. We’ve got to get your face, too. Your reaction will be priceless.”

Steam seeps from the stove as soon as his arm presses against it.

The supposed daredevil then screams as he raises his arm off the piping hot coil displaying his seared forearm.

“Holy f***! That was pretty cool!”

It is feared the latest viral challenge will cause a wave of impressionable watchers inflicting themselves with third degree burns which can cause serious infections if not treated properly.