Telegram is an app that is listed #3 on LifeWire’s hottest social app trends for teens.

Life Wire’s descriptions states, “Telegram is interesting because it lets you do a lot more than your typical texting app, and it’s completely free with zero advertisements.

All of your texts and phone calls are encrypted through Telegram and you can send absolutely any file type you wish (even large ones up to 1.5 GB). This is totally unique to most messaging apps that just support image and video files.

All your messages are synced across all the supported devices because your messages (and even files) are stored in the cloud. However, you can delete texts whenever you wish and even make secret chats that dissolve messages on a timer.

Plus, if you have up to 5,000 friends, you can invite all of them into one single group message!”

One of our other favorite sites, Commonsense, Has this to say about what parents need to know about this app…

“Parents need to know that Telegram Messenger lets users send text messages, stickers, images, videos, and other files to one or many people for free, all using encryption to keep one-to-one messages secure and private, though some security experts question the quality of the encryption. The software is open-source as well, so savvy users can see exactly how information is collected, stored, transmitted, and secured. As with Snapchat, private-messaging sessions can be created between users with preset self-destruct timers; secret messages aren’t stored on the app’s servers. After six months without use, accounts also self-destruct. Setting up a username allows other users to find you, but a username isn’t required. How much questionable content is available through the app is entirely up to users and their contacts, though the open-source nature of the platform means anyone can create stickers, bots, and plug-ins, many of which feature decidedly adult content. As such, it’s really only appropriate for older teens to use to communicate with family and trusted friends. Read the app’s privacy policy to find out more about the types of information collected and shared.”

CNN, also shares some information on Telegram which describes how it can possibly aid in terror plots due its group texting and security issues.


And now you know all there is to know about Telegram.