This is a very catchy song (I have to admit, that I like it), but there is a lot of discussion of drug use in the song.

Also, according to Urban Dictionary,a “starboy” is “a womanizer, a philanderer, a man who has sex with many women.”

Finally, in reference to drugs, according to the site the drug mentioning is explained, “In the pre-chorus of “Starboy,” The Weeknd sings about drug use, his “baby,” and his lifestyle. His house was “so empty” that it needed “a centerpiece.” So, he paid “20” thousand dollars to buy “a table cut from ebony,” a rare, expensive wood. On this table, his “baby” “cut[s] that ivory into skinny pieces / Then she clean it with her face,” which prompts Abel to sing, “Man, I love my baby.”

The “ivory” is a reference to cocaine powder, since cocaine is also white. His “baby” is snorting the cocaine after divvying it into lines on the table, the black color of which highlights the stark presence of illegal drugs. We’re not sure why this prompts Abel to mention that he loves his “baby,” but perhaps it’s because he’s glad that she’s joined him in the lifestyle that he enjoys.”