I was recently reading a review for the newest season of American Horror Story on FX and the article mentioned a scene where snuff films were shown to a child.

Having no idea what a “snuff film” was, I thought I would look it up and find out. ┬áBasically, snuff films are pornographic videos where someone is tortured, murdered or commits suicide. ┬áMany many years ago, similar VHS tapes entitled, “The Faces of Death”, could be rented, but now snuff films (or likely fake snuff films) can be found on the internet and dark web.

I also looked these films up on Snopes.com to check the accuracy of their existence and while Snopes claims that no true snuff films have ever been confirmed, it is unlikely they have seen every video online or on the dark web.

Even if the films end up being faked, surely it is not the content you want your young children viewing.

Recently in the news, we have certainly seen people streaming videos of crimes and death, so it can’t be that far fetched to assume there may be some actual snuff films that can be found online.

Now, at least if you hear the term “snuff film”, you now know what it is.