Slingshot App, from Facebook

Facebook’s answer to Snapchat. The twist is that before you can view a photo or video you’ve received, you’ll have to send the sender a shot of your own. After you’ve viewed it, the shot disappears.

Although the app comes from Facebook, you’re not required to have a Facebook account to use it; you can send and receive shots with people who aren’t your Facebook friends.

Anyone who knows your teen’s phone number or Slingshot username can send photos and videos to your teen. Users register for the app with their Facebook account or a mobile phone number, and the app will search your contacts for friends who have the app.

Unless you decline use of location services, your city, date, and time will appear each time you send anything from Slingshot.

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  1. John Michels
    John Michels January 5, 2016 at 9:50 pm - Reply

    Just a follow up, Slingshot was actually taken down from the app store and Google Play, but those who already have it downloaded can still use it as noted in this post.

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