As a parent, you must always stay on your toes.  Kids are always finding new ways to hide messages and content that they do not want their parents to know about.

When I was a kid, we were still passing paper notes in school.  Kids would take notes home and hide them in their dresser, desk drawer, or in a shoe box in their closet hoping their parents would not go through their room.  In 2018, things have changed.  Computers and smart devices can hide thousands of messages, videos, games, etc. and they are much harder to break into for parents.  However, with hashtags, some messages can be hidden in plain sight.  See the below article from the Daily Mail site to learn how kids are hiding porn in these hashtags.

Instagram is filled with pornographic content – distributed on the platform using secret hashtags, according to a shocking investigation.

The photo-based social network, which claims to have a zero-tolerance policy on sexual content, is open to anyone aged 13 and older.

However, more than a dozen popular hashtags have been linked to adult images on the Facebook-owned platform.

Typical users add social hashtags – like #breakfast or #fridayfeeling – to the captions of their posts to make them easier to search.

One of the x-rated videos shared was viewed more than 130,000 times in five hours.

Some videos hidden on Instagram depict sexual intercourse – with genitals clearly visible, according to the investigation by the Sun.

One pornographic clip depicted bestiality, featuring a woman and a horse.

Although Instagram bans obviously explicit hashtags like #porn, it cannot keep up with the myriad ways users are sharing the content on the website and app.

Instagram users are even using social hashtags with special text characters so they cannot be detected.

Those who stumble upon an inappropriate image or video can click on the ‘…’ icon below the post, then tap ‘Report inappropriate’ and follow the instructions.

In its terms and conditions, the social network says it does not allow nude images.

‘This includes photos, videos, and some digitally-created content that show sexual intercourse, genitals, and close-ups of fully-nude buttocks.’

However, photos of post-mastectomy scarring and women breastfeeding are allowed. Nudity in photos of paintings and sculptures is also allowed.

‘We have zero tolerance for pornographic content on Instagram,’ an Instagram spokesperson told MailOnline.

‘People can report content or accounts that violate our Community Guidelines via our in-app tools and we work quickly to remove it.

‘The content that violated our Community Guidelines on these hashtags has been removed and we are working to remove violating content against other hashtags.

‘We apologise to anyone who may have seen it.’

Instagram requires users to be aged 13 and older to sign-up to its service.

However, many children under that age have Instagram accounts.

Last week, it was announced Facebook and Instagram are cracking down on underage children who hold accounts with the social networks.

Moderators working for the online platforms now have the ability to proactively lock any accounts they suspect to be owned by someone under the age of 13.

Blocked users will be required to prove their age with a government-issued photo ID.

Until now, moderators would only investigate accounts if they were reported specifically for being potentially underage by other Facebook and Instagram users.

Last November, a damning Ofcom report revealed that half of British 12-year-olds and more than a quarter of ten-year-olds have their own social media profiles.

Facebook and Instagram require users to be over the age of 13 to hold an account.

This is because the US Child Online Privacy Protection Act states companies that collect personal information on users no longer need to seek the permission of a parent or guardian for users aged 13 and older.