There is a site out there where kids can anonymously rate their teachers.  Sounds like a great idea except the set up of the site is conducive to cyber bullying and can do great harm to teachers without any ability on their part to protect themselves.  Also, because people can post on the site anonymously, it leads to more unfair and harmful comments. has a really informative article about the site at the link below.  The article discusses some good ideas for teaching kids how to handle teachers they may have challenges with and also provides more detail on the Rate My Teacher site itself.

Here is an excerpt, “According to the site’s frequently asked questions (FAQs), over 65% of the ratings of teachers are positive. However, that still leaves a negative rate of nearly 35%. Here are five problems this teacher rating website can cause:

  1. While the site has guidelines about commenting, it does not allow anyone to remove a negative or false review from someone else. In fact, if guidelines have been violated, it may take time to get the negative review pulled down.
  2. The site is set up to protect Rate My Teacher from any legal liability whatsoever, leaving teachers with little to no recourse over false or damaging reviews.
  3. Comments can stir up negative or false impressions about a teacher, even from those who have not yet had any experience with that teacher.
  4. The site has led to in increase in cyber-bullying of teachers, which can have just as damaging effects as bullying in person.
  5. Comments about the site indicated that some schools use this rating tool as part of a teacher’s official review, putting a teacher’s career at risk.

What’s really disturbing is that most of Rate My Teacher’s FAQ page is set up to discourage teachers from taking any actions whatsoever in their defense other than responding to comments. Not only that, but students can also take to social media, damaging a teacher’s reputation online by further sharing their negative teacher ratings.”