From, “Of course like every city, Denver has gang members in it from gangs that are based in other cities. Such as, 18st Gang, MS-13, and many different crips, bloods, and sureno gangs that are based in LA. They also have Black P Stones members and many Latin King members in the city. BUt im going to stick with the gangs that originated in Denver and are based in Denver. there are over 110 different gangs based in denver alone, with over 15,000 known members. the bloded gangs are the more prominent and nationally recognized gangs.
16 block bloods, 2-11 blood killers, 27 block bloods, deuce nine bloods, 3-11 crip killers, tre deuce crips,tre tre crips, 51st street bloods, 52nd block bloods, aryan circle, anybody killers, American nazi party,brown pride surenos 13, big west side, chicano 30 crips, los carnales, curtis boys, commerce city crips, 88 blocc gangster crips, shotgun pirus, dirty money cartel, evil minded soldiers, englewoods most wanted crips, eastside 30th gang, east side crips, front hood crips, gallant knights insane, gangsters running everything, hoodlums in krime, insane monsta klan crips, Inca boys, krazy chicano bloods, koren thug mafia, kill the streets, lil crazy surenos, Latino gangster bloods, Lincoln park pirus, Mexican mafia gangsters, maniac strapped killas, nortenos, north side nortenos, norte XIV, north side mafia, oldies 13, pacas 13, puro barrios locos, playboy gangster crips, park hill gangster bloods, pocos peros locos, puro sureno locos, quick to kill, south denver sureno gang, salvadorian pride, south side 13, south side crips, south side familia, south side kings, south side varrio kings, SURX3, southwest gangster bloods,untouchables, vagos 13, varrio grande vista, vietnamese pride, villa park gangster, world klass soldiers,west side bloods, west side crips, west side mafia, westwood hood, young crazy kriminals 13, alaways getting envied, always taggin up, beyond death kings, blame my squad, bombers of Colorado, denver city thugs, denvers finest krew, death in effect, denvers ruthless kings, down to kill, destroy the streets, rule the streets, evil chicano kings, envy our style, god sent krew, kant be stopped, know your surroundings, license 2 kill, latin thug kings, mile high kings, Mexicans taking kontrol, never out styled, north side crew,north valley kings, out kast writers, obey us kings, pure street kings, ruthless grafitti kings, rebels till death, real west side, style kings, tippin down kings, the habitual criminals, the knight owls, true Mexican taggers, through out soldiers, takin whats ours, west niners crew, wild style kings.”