Pinterest is a social media App popular with children and adults alike. It allows you to follow anything of interest (thus the name) such as boy bands, fashion trends, hair styles etc.

The dangers that I have discovered are:
1) there does not seem to be any filters or monitoring by the site, allowing any posts as long as they are not reported as being inappropriate. This allows lots of leeway and many inappropriate items are posted.

2) it allows users to communicate with each other (total strangers, or “followers” ) by messaging and much of it is difficult to monitor unless you are looking over your child’s shoulder. Our daughter was invited to a “secret board” by a follower, and convinced to give her personal email!

3) it allows users to create “secret boards” that others can only access by being “invited”. Parents will not see them unless looking at your child’s device. They will be found only be found by scrolling to the bottom of what could easily be hundreds of boards.