There was a post on this site late 2015 that talked about the secret language kids use in hashtags (these things “#”).  Many times these #’s are used to discuss self injury such as cutting one’s self.

From the site, I found an article about a girl who used to cut herself and felt so alone because she had no one to share in her depression.  Now, especially using social network apps like Instagram, teens are using #’s in order to find each other to discuss their self injury.  Our previous post discussed some of the language used, but this article had more terms that you should be aware of in order to know what your kids are discussing.

From Fusion:

“After a month of searching, Moreno and her colleagues discovered nearly 20 ambiguous hashtags currently in use. The list included tags ranging from the obvious #selfinjury to more underground ones including #mysecretfamily, #blithe, #ehtilb (“blithe” spelled backwards), #cat, #deb (meaning depression), #annie (meaning anxiety), #olive (relating to obsessive compulsive disorder), and #secretsociety123. The teen users I spoke with for this piece said the words are almost interchangeable, serving as a means to reach a broad community.

In total, only six hashtags from the study resulted in warning labels from Instagram like the one below, which appears when you click on the tag #blithe, a word that teens use mainly when discussing depression, cutting, or eating disorders. That hashtag in particular was linked to more than one million posts, including illustrations of cut arms, emotional quotes, mirror selfies, and posts about binging and purging. More ambiguous hashtags such as #cat and #annie are harder to monitor. “It’s really a public health problem,” said Moreno. “Teens are looking for a way to get better.””