Marimba Chat is a kids texting app.  Here is a wonderful option for parents to help their child enter the world of texting – without worry of predictors or bullies.

Kids will be kids. And they’ll probably need some coaching as they enter the world of texting. Marimba makes it easy for parents to watch conversations in real time. Or scroll back through time to review old messages, if parents feel it’s necessary. Marimba allows parents to review all invitations and friend connections.

I so appreciate that I have the option to monitor my son’s incoming text messages, if necessary. He uses my iPad with this Marimba Chat app.
So far, he is really liking his new sense of independence and ability to chat with his grandfather.
Kids won’t need their own cell phone number for this texting option. A parent must approve all outside chat users before they can be added to their child’s account for texting. Users can send pictures and voice messages.
“No no” words are filtered out. We figured this out when my son was talking about target shooting. He was referring to “the butt” of his gun. None of that text went threw, because of the word butt. Another time, he was talking about a “jerk-line”, for hunting/fishing. Even the word “jerk” was not allowed. IMO, it’s a relief.

Looks like the negative one-star ratings are from sneaky kiddos trying to use the app with help from their parents. If only they’d ask mom or dad for it, it would be a win-win.

Marimba Chat by Marimba