Our goal at CarefulParents.com is to provide important information to parents about dangers facing our children. We also want to serve as a parent’s first choice for recommendations on the best parental control tools and services available today.

One such tool is Mobicip, a parental control and monitoring tool that includes a host of non-intrusive and effective features in their premium offering for a annual fee of $39.99/year that covers 5 devices. Mobicip also provides a free and basic version that gives any parent the chance to test run or provide minimum protection for their child’s browsing activities that doesn’t expire.

CarefulParents.com performed an analysis of their premium offering and wanted to make the results of the analysis available to our members:

Feature Claim Summary

Our Comments

Parent/Admin App

(Monitoring App)

Instantly updates with child’s activity, is accessible from Apple and Android devices as well as computers. Even the Apple Watch. Managing device-specific filters, children’s profiles and time limits are all available from this dashboard. The dashboard provides easy-to-read and up-to-the-minute records of a child’s browsing activities. Parents can easily navigate between each child and make instant changes to time limits, content and category filtering.
App Monitoring See what apps are on each device. Ratings review, app costs and category for which each app is associated is at a parents fingertips. Once the app was installed on the device, the dashboard, with app information appeared and presented to total cost of all paid apps which we found to be very useful information.
View Browsing History Detailed reporting of all browser history on the dashboard and/or in email reports you configure. Full and deleted browsing history is reported if configured to allow browsing only through the Mobicip Browser.
Access Requests Requests can be sent to the parent from the child to view blocked content. A great feature because requests and permission are all done through the app with notifications that a request has been made.
Time Limits Parent can set internet usage time limits for children. Easy and non-intrusive method for enforcing usage limits with children. When the time is up, browsing is restricted.
Custom Filter Settings Parents are able to use multiple filtering options to provide the best internet usage experience for each member of the family. This feature adds more customization and personalization making the internet more specific to each family member and age appropriate content.
Accountability Mode Unrestricted access with tracking and capturing fully enabled so parents do not lose sight of their child’s browsing behaviors.. Is your child ready to take charge of his internet usage boundaries? This feature lets the parent unrestrict the child but still see their activity. It’s a great way to evaluate your child’s ability to safely browse on their own.
Advanced Content Filtering Mobicip boasts industry leading content analysis and filtering technology that keeps abreast with the ever changing internet. It just works the way a parent wants it to; restricting the dangerous and inappropriate content and allowing fun and educational content. Mobicip equals peace of mind.
Multi-Platform Mobicip protects your loved ones on all the popular platforms and devices. Do you have multiple devices and platforms? Android, iOS, tablets, computers and phones – Mobicip can work on them all!
Multi – User and Devices Mobicip can manage multiple children using multiple devices. Through the use of profiles, parents can ensure safe browsing for each child regardless of the device they are using.

In addition to our review of Mobicip’s features we found that the setup/installation process was straight-forward and easy to follow. Mobicip’s support and FAQ pages on their site are very helpful and easy to find and follow. Mobicip is continually improving and is planning some great new features for 2017 – like app blocking and usage restrictions.