A couple weeks ago, we posted an Alert regarding the “Momo Challenge” .  A disturbing suicide challenge trend that can sometime be found on the WhatsApp social network.  Today, we learned that this challenge could also be infiltrating an extermely popular children’s game known as Minecraft.

The below article is from the Western Journal.

“A disturbing suicide game called “Momo” has infiltrated the popular video game called “Minecraft.”

According to the New York Post, “Momo” begins with a shadowy figure that sends violent images through the WhatsApp messaging app.

The controller then encourages them to contact a number and would then send threats to the “player” if they chose to ignore their demands, according to The Sun.

The original symbol of the game is a terrifying bug-eyed woman with chicken features.

The “Minecraft” game added this grotesque image to the game through “modders,” who the New York Post describes as “people with knowledge of programming who create personalized content for ‘Minecraft.’”

The image of the woman will appear on “Minecraft” holding a phone with the WhatsApp image on it.

Parents have warned that the icon has also been spotted in advertisements on Youtube videos.

Lieutenant Dave Carter, an Ohio police officer, reported that his 7-year-old son was watching a Youtube video when a “Momo” ad popped up.

“He began talking about ‘Momo’ and how weird she looked. So, he ended up looking it up and saw that it was that suicide challenge,” he said.

“That came from something simple, that kids all like doing this ‘Minecraft’ stuff and watching the videos on how to play it and here it comes up in the search.”

The game is reportedly quite similar to the Russian game “Blue Whale,” a game that encouraged young people to partake in horrific tasks, such as self-harm, watching horror films and waking up at unusual hours.

This would all escalate until the 50th day called for the young person to take his or her own life.

“Momo” is being connected to the death of a 12-year-old girl in Argentina, who reportedly took a video of herself before she died crediting “Momo” for the suicide.

Officers currently suspect an 18-year-old is also behind the girl’s death.

“The phone has been hacked to find footage and WhatsApp chats, and now the alleged adolescent with whom she exchanged those messages is being sought.”

For now, the concern is that kids will see these advertisements and icons and explore the game out of curiosity.

Parents are encouraged to keep an eye on their children.”