Live.Me is another social media app that allows users to broadcast themselves and share videos with others.

Both and have great writes on the app and the potential inappropriate content that your children will see as soon as they visit the site.

In fact, I visited the site earlier on my laptop once I heard about it and the home page is filled with sexual content and different users you can watch as soon as you sign up.

Sign up appears to be through one of your other social media accounts so it would be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.  but I did not get that far in to confirm if you could create a stand alone account.

From Smart Social… is a live streaming video app that allows users to watch or broadcast live-stream videos. in the news

“’s overall culture is more mature than some others. During our review, we saw lots of bad behavior, from racial slurs to kids being asked to take off clothing.” –CNN

“ makes it easy for grown men to prey on children. If you are on this app it can tell others exactly where you are located.” –NBC

What is the app?

  • Live streaming video app
  • When registering, users log in with a phone number, Facebook account, or Instagram account
  • At the beginning of a broadcast, viewers are reminded to report violent or sexual content
  • Viewers can comment on videos and give gifts to broadcasters
  • Broadcasters can respond to comments and engage their viewers
  • Viewers can report broadcasters or subscribe to their videos
  • Broadcasters can block certain viewers from commenting on their broadcasts
  • Users purchase coins through the app to gift to broadcasters

Why should parents care?

  • Anyone can watch your students videos and access their information on the app
  • Any app that encourages students to connect with strangers online or strangers in their area can be very dangerous
  • While the app requires users to be at least 18 years old or have consent from their parents to use the app, it’s very easy to bypass those restrictions and create an account as a minor
  • Broadcasts can contain content that is inappropriate and illegal
  • Comments on broadcasts can be mature, racist, or negative
  • Underage broadcasters can be targeted by predators and are regularly asked to act inappropriately during their broadcast
  • Anyone, including predators, can get on the app and watch videos of people near them
  • use geo-location to share videos, so users know broadcasters exact location
  • Teens and tweens earn coins on and some predators are using coins as a way to pay minors for pictures

What can parents do?

  • If your teen has the app, have them delete the app and discuss the safety concerns of using
  • Check out our Parent App Guide page and encourage your student to use apps in our Green Zone
  • Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram offer live-streaming video features like while also having the benefit of improving your student’s online footprint and search results
  • If your student is interested in creating video content, encourage them to create videos that add value to their online footprint
  • Challenge your teen to create helpful and positive videos about the topic they want to study or their favorite hobby
  • Consider joining Parent University to get videos you can watch WITH your kids so they will learn how to be safe and smart online