Live Journal is a lesser known social network, but when I saw the icon for this network in YouTube as a place to share a video, I looked into it further.  As of November 2012, there were nearly 40 Million users on the network.

“LiveJournal is a social journaling platform that allows users around the world to find each other based on common passions and pursuits. Users share thoughts, experiences, guidance, artwork, fiction, and more by posting to journals and interest-based communities. LiveJournal for Android offers core LiveJournal’s features, so you can:
– Read friendspage, users’ and communities’ journals
– Read and write comments
– Post entries to your journal and communities
– Post photos
– Create and post polls
– Edit your last journal entry
– Compose and edit drafts”

Obviously, the main reason for this post is simply that this is another avenue for young children to find strangers on the internet which is always potentially dangerous.  I visited the site and it is easy to create fake accounts and “friend” people you don’t know.  Be sure to be aware of who you kids are speaking to on the site and know what the icon on this post is.