I had never heard of this, but recently a 15 year old girl swimming in the lake behind her house drowned after being electrocuted while swimming.  From Good Morning America, “Her parents told ABC News that the electrical currents came from rusty electrical work at the dock in their backyard.

It’s called electric shock drowning — when a current, usually from a short circuit in the wiring of a dock, marina or boat, spreads through the water, and someone in the water is shocked and drowns.”

This is something I certainly would have never thought of, but the father and son were also almost lost when they tried to jump in and save the girl.  The father said the shock felt like something grabbed a hold of him and he basically could not move.

There are some steps you can take to keep your family safe according to the article, “experts say you should inspect the electrical equipment at pools, docks, boats and marinas at least once a year. It’s also a good idea to get a shock alarm or other similar product to warn people when there’s electricity in the water, experts say.

The Electric Shock Drowning Prevention Association, a group that calls for better safety standards, has counted 25 of these electrocutions across the country in the past five years.”