If you have a phone or even perhaps at your job, you probably use emoji’s when sending texts or work messages.  According to the link below from aol.com, some 6 billion emoji’s are sent EVERY DAY.

What is an emoji?  They are the little images (usually a face) that is used to convey a message without typing it out.  For example, you might send someone a red face to show that you are angry.

Anyway, as the list of different emoji’s is almost as long as actual words in the dictionary, it was only a matter of time before kids began to create their own language with them.  And it isn’t always pleasant so if is important as a parent to know what a lot of these images can mean.

Emoji’s can be used to bully, threaten, ask for drugs, ask for sex,etc.  The problem is that each and every emoji could mean a number of different things.

From aol.com…

A few examples:

  • A pig can mean the animal or a police officer
  • The symbol of a water closet or restroom can also mean woman crush
  • Footprints can also mean beer.
  • A frog can mean someone is “ugly.”
  • A cute image of a dog can actually be an insult of the b-word.
  • A smiling pile of poop is another profanity.
  • Strung together, a running man and a bowling ball means, “I’m going to hit you.”
  • Scissors mean “I’m going to cut you.”
  • A knife, a certain face and a shower equals psycho.
  • A skull with a right arrow and a fire means “die in a fire.”


And this emoji dictionary is Extremely useful: