I met a girl whose 5 year old daughter was digitally kidnapped via Facebook posts.  Basically, this woman (who is a cP member) had a Facebook account that was private, but her posts were set to public.  So every time she posted a picture of her daugther on Facebook, a man would steal the picture and post it on his account claiming the 5 year old was his own.  The mom would reach out to this guy but he would not stop posting and stealing the pictures until finally she had to contact Facebook to take down all the pictures he had posted on his page.


The moral of the story is, make sure that your privacy settings on Facebook (and any other social network) are set up appropriately.  You need to make sure your posts AND your profile are private so that only people you know and trust can see into your life.  Just another example of how we (and our kids) can share too much online.

From Google search, “Digital kidnapping is the latest form of identity theft, and it can happen to any parent who posts pictures of kids online. Perpetrators will “steal” photos of children on social media and then claim to be their parents, even giving them fictitious new names.”