I saw on the Today show that twice as many kids are hit by cars on Halloween as any other night, so I did some research and found the below article that provided some information as well as some statistics.

“An estimated 41 million children between the ages of 5 and 14 will hit the trick-or-treat trails this Halloween. Emergency physicians want all of them to enjoy the holiday traditions safely and not experience any Halloween horrors that would include spending time in the emergency department.

“Children should be out having fun with family and friends, collecting candy and showing off their costumes,” said Dr. Michael Gerardi, president of the American College of Emergency Physicians. “Even though we are prepared to see them, they should not have to spend Halloween or any other night in the ER because of an injury that could have been prevented.”

On average, twice as many children are hit and killed by cars between the hours of 4pm and 10pm on Halloween compared to the same timeframe on any other day of the year, according to Safe Kids Worldwide.

Other common Halloween injuries include eye injuries from sharp objects and burns from flammable costumes.

Emergency physicians recommend that children “trick-or-treat” at organized Halloween festivities, such as local churches, shopping malls or schools. This way children are not walking in the dark and it allows constant adult supervision. ”