Have a tech saavy kid?  If so, you should be aware of the term “Jailbreaking”.  Tech saavy kids may learn how to jailbreak their own phone in order to access content that they otherwise would not be able to.  Jailbreaking means hacking your own device to remove restrictions.

To explain further, iOS (the iphone’s operating system) has built in restrictions that won’t allow users to download certain apps on the app store. If the phone is jailbroken, then the user will have access to content and apps from restricted vendors on the app store that they normally would not (unapproved apps).

Below is some additional information, but the biggest risk is that you put your phone and security at risk by jailbreaking which could lead to malicious app gaining unwanted access to your kid’s information.

I believe if you jailbreak an Android phone, its referred to as “Rooting”.