There are unconfirmed reports now surfacing that a suicide game, called the “Blue Whale” is luring teens between the ages of 10 and 14 into a social media game in which perpetrators of the game instruct players to complete odd and disturbing behaviors with the ultimate step to commit suicide.¬†Although articles on the internet are not indicating this trend has surfaced in the US, reports say that kids and teens in eastern European countries like Ukraine, Russia, and Estonia are being targeted and the trend is heading west towards the UK.

How should concerned parents who have teens in the target range be proactive?

  1. Talk to your teens about their social activity. Ask them to tell you or show you what people are doing these days on social media.
  2. Discuss internet safety and explain the risks of interacting virtually with strangers.
  3. Implement internet filtering and tracking software or network devices to add a controlled layer of protection for your kids. Companies like Mobicip and KoalaSafe sale great tools to accomplish this.

Parents – wants to hear your thoughts! What do you think of the recent surge in news concerning teen suicide?