We’ve seen this a few times, but in case you have missed these posts on our site, there is a dangerous trend of Internet trolls posting fake “children’s” videos on YouTube with their favorite characters involved in mature behavior.  Characters like Spider-Man, Peppa Pig, Super Mario, and others are engaging in pornography, violence, and adult language, but because of the way they are added to YouTube, it is difficult to stop.  In addition, because these are your kid’s favorite characters, they act as click bait for your child not knowing the contents of the video until it has already started.

From Daily Mail

“A disturbing new trend of inappropriate cartoons specifically designed to entice children to click on dangerous videos is sweeping the internet.

The seemingly-innocent cartoons are uploaded to streaming sites like YouTube, featuring popular kids’ characters like Peppa Pig, Spider-Man and Elsa from ‘Frozen’.

But the original cartoons have been doctored to include scenes of graphic violence including murder, cannibalism and pornographic acts.

‘Your child could be viewing the Peppa Pig video which could be a proper video, and in one second they could be watching something completely inappropriate, which they think is the same thing,’ cyber expert Ross Bark told A Current Affair.

And as some children watch videos on their own devices using headphones, it can go unnoticed by parents and carers.

Furthermore, YouTube is unable to do anything about the graphic videos; the popular streaming site has approximately 300 hours of unchecked footage uploaded every 60 seconds.

The site has asked for parents’ help to flag and report offensive content.

In some cases, the visuals are almost the same but the audio has been replaced by offensive language and lewd jokes.

Parents are advised by clinical psychologist Dr Janet Hall to communicate with their children if they had been exposed to one of the videos.

‘Explain that sadly some bad people have made these movies and they should not be shown to children,’ she said.

Parents are also urged to observe their children, and to seek help if they have become anxious, withdrawn or violent after watching anything online.

Parents should also make sure that their children know to tell an adult if they have seen anything inappropriate online, or if a stranger tries to contact them.”

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5226325/Internet-trolls-exposing-kids-violent-lewd-videos.html#ixzz53839pxeq