YouTube Safety Mode, though not fool proof, is a nice way to filter out content from YouTube that you don’t want kids to see.

To enable this option, when you are watching a video you need to scroll down to the very bottom of that page and find the small link that says “Safety Mode: Off” (shown in the screenshot below). You need to click on OFF to turn it on.

youtube safety mode 1

You can also sign in to YouTube to make sure that the Safety Mode remains turned on.

youtube safety mode 2

Once you click on “On” and then hit Save, you get a notification mentioning that you’ve successfully enabled safety mode.

youtube safety mode 3

Here’s what YouTube’s Safety Mode does:

  • Hides inappropriate videos
  • Doesn’t return results for adult search terms
  • Hides comments by default
  • Inappropriate words in the comments are hidden using asterisks

Watch the video in the below link to learn more….