I saw an article which discussed the information that kids can giveaway when taking selfies and how that can be dangerous due tot he fact that a predator or identity thief can use this information to their benefit.  In the article there is a picture of a boy proudly holding up a book with his name and age on it as well as wearing his school uniform.  They then show the same boy taking a selfie with no identifiable information in the picture and describe the ways to take a “safe” selfie.

“Although the snap seems innocent enough, police point out the potentially-dangerous information it gives away.

The boy’s name, John Citizen, is displayed on his book and the crest on his tie shows where he goes to school. Parliament House can be seen in the background, indicating what city he lives in.

As one parent pointed out, this information could easily lead a stranger on the internet to locations where your child would be.

The second photo shows how easily children can mitigate these risks by making small changes.

By simply removing his tie, facing the other direction and not snapping his school books, the student is not identifiable.

The information is part of a new campaign being run by the AFP called Think U Know.

It aims to educate people about how they can be safer online.”