It’s summer and it’s hot out.  Very hot.  Playground equipment can get even hotter than the humid summer temperatures though and it sends many kids to the doctor with first and second degree burns.

From, “because playgrounds can be deceptively hotter than we realize. When outdoor air temperature reaches 90 degrees, the equipment can easily heat up to a dangerous 120 to 150 degrees, capable of causing first- or second-degree burns.

We used a laser thermometer at local parks to put actual surface temperatures to the test. We tested out a plastic slide sitting in the hot sun all afternoon. It measured 155 degrees. It’s worth noting that an egg will fry at about 160 degrees.

At the park, we also tested the temperature of plastic handles on a children’s climbing wall. Those parts measured 126 degrees.”

Be careful out there and check that equipment yourself before you let your kids get on it….