It means: Hit me up for a ‘to be honest.’ In a nutshell, this is what happens. Your teen will post a gratuitous selfie (redundant, right?) and then post “HMU4ATBH.” This invites all his or her friends/followers to “like” the gratuitous selfie. Once the selfie is “liked” by all friends/followers, your teen will then go onto all his or her friends’ pages and post a “to be honest” on their latest photos. Now, these ‘honest’ revelations can be just about anything, because I asked my kids. These bits of honesty can be as tame as: To be honest, I wish we hung out more; To be honest, I don’t see you that often, only at lunch; To be honest, you have really pretty hair; To be honest, you’re not that great at basketball (ouch!). According to my 15-year-old daughter, they can get racy too, like: To be honest, you’re really hot, you have a nice a$$, let’s date; I asked my daughter what’s the point of participating in the To Be Honest game? She said it’s more of a self-esteem thing. You ask someone to hit you up — or rather, “like” your picture — that way the person is getting more “likes” and then someone is saying something nice back to that person. The problem is if people start saying rude or mean things, it can quickly turn into cyber bullying.