You’ve heard of “Fake” news, but you need to know about the “Fake” kids videos that are easily found on YouTube.  I have caught my son stumbling upon some of these myself and it’s really disappointing to know what videos they happen upon….

From abc 6 news in Philadelphia…

“Action News has a big warning for parents after many moms and dads started noticing what their kids were watching on the children’s version of YouTube was hardly appropriate for innocent, young eyes.

Apparently, even on YouTube Kids, videos of kiddie favorites like Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, Doc McStuffins and the like are being warped and twisted, and sneaking into kids’ feeds.

The BBC recently uncovered hundreds of “fake” kids’ videos circulating on YouTube – where the screaming characters are injected with syringes, set on fire, eaten by alligators, zombies, sexual scenes, hypodermic needles – all things you wouldn’t expect on the app, which is supposed to screen the content for the under 18 setting.

So what you can do?

Make sure your YouTube Kids app is in restricted mode and flag any videos that are inappropriate.

Most importantly, supervise the content. YouTube says as frequently as it removes content, disturbing content can still sneak in.”