Those fidget spinners are all the rage this summer.  I know my nieces have a few and I must admit, they are very addicting.  It seems as though once you pick them up, all you want to do is figure out what kind of cool tricks you can come up with using your new fidget spinner and then you practice, practice, practice.

The issue is that the spinners are VERY easy to take apart and therefore, the little pieces and especially the bearings within them, are a potential choking hazard. A quick google search of these fun toys reveals seemingly countless stories of parents rescuing their choking children from these fidget spinners.

Two of these stories are listed below.  From Good Housekeeping, “Johely Morelos cautioned her son Cayden about the dangers of fidget spinners after seeing a news story about a Texas girl who choked on a loose part, but that didn’t stop the 5-year-old from popping off a piece of his own spinner and swallowing it. “I showed him pictures and said, ‘Never put that in your mouth,'” the 23-year-old mom in Albany, Oregon told BuzzFeed News. “I guess he didn’t listen that well.”

 Morelos rushed her son the hospital, but the staff was unable to get the part out of his chest. He was transported to another hospital in Portland where the disc had to be surgically removed. “It was super scary,” said Morelos. “When they were putting a tube down his throat, he was throwing up blood. It was really scary for me to see he was in pain.”

I have seen some articles asking if these toys should be pulled from shelves.  What do you think?  Are they too dangerous or do they just require additional warning and parental supervision???