What the heck is DewShine?!?!  Think about it for a minute and you may be able to figure out the word mashup.  This is a combination of Moutain Dew and Racing Fuel and is what killed two teens in Tennessee and hospitalized two others when this drink was served at a party the boys were attending.

“Methanol can make people feel inebriated, but a very small amount of methanol can be toxic, Seger said.

The two boys who died drank far more than the others, she said.

Seger is worried because “dewshine” is not a new concoction. While people should be familiar with the dangers, it is unclear whether this incident is an indicator of a larger problem.”

“Typically, people don’t come up with names for something if it’s an isolated event,” she said. “We need to educate people.”

Full story on CNN here