Recently on there was an article describing the dangers of homemade slime that many kids enjoy making.  We also were recently made aware of a blog that gave a first hand experience of the ill effects of the slime on one young girl.

“Experts said the EU alert means anyone exposed to high levels of borax may give birth to babies with faulty genes later in life.

Used in school experiments, chemistry teachers must dilute borax in solution to a level at which it’s not toxic: 1g of borax in 20ml of water. However making slime at home and selling it to classmates or friends is now a global fad.

There are nearly 2 million posts on social media site Instagram where children compete to make the best slimes that they sell among each other for up to £10 a pot.”

The problem is that borax is toxic so when making the slime you have to be extra careful of not not stirring up the borax dust so that it gets in eyes or is breathed in.

The below blog goes through the ingredients of the homemade slime and has some interesting information on the potential effects.

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