There is scary news out of Utah about two young boys (13) who overdosed on a synthetic opiod called “Pink” or “Pink”.  Apparently the drug can be easily purchased online as it is made overseas and is too new to be labeled as illegal.


“Police in the ski resort town of Park City announced on Thursday that Ryan Ainsworth and Grant Seaver died of acute intoxication of a drug called U-47700, sometimes known as ‘Pink’ or ‘Pinky.’

It is among a new generation of powerful and highly toxic opioid drugs being synthesized in labs overseas and is too new as a recreational drug to be listed as illegal.

‘Pink’ was reportedly found at Paisley Park, the sprawling Minnesota estate of music legend Prince, after he died in April.

The drug can be easily bought online for about $40, Park City Police Chief Wade Carpenter said in a statement.

Like many synthetic opioids, the exact effects of U-47700 are little understood and a small amount could be fatal, especially if it’s laced with another drug, according to the Drug Enforcement Administration.”