Cyberbullying in Video Games

As online gaming has grown in popularity, it also opens the door to kids bullying each other while online.  For one, being at such a remote distance and having a somewhat anonymous setting makes the bullying easier.  Also, many, if not most, games can do little to stop this activity. had a great article about cyberbullying in online games that can be found below…

“When you think of online gaming, you likely think of playing games through the Internet. While this is often the case, this isn’t the only way children can play with others online. Not only do you have websites dedicated to gaming and social media that integrates games directly into the sites, many of the gaming consoles, including Playstation, Xbox 360 and Wii U, have the option to join others through an Internet connection. This creates many new opportunities for children to bully others. The more often your child plays these games, the more likely they are to either become the victim of cyber bullying or contribute to the act against other children.”

See full article here

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