With all we hear about cyberbullying nowadays, how do you know if it is happening to your kid?  I found a great site that has some signs of what to look for as well as some resources and ways parents can get help for their kids.  Unfortunately, with today’s technology, it is so easy for kids to become a victim or commit this act on others.

“Your child may be the victim of cyberbullying if he or she:

  • Becomes sad, angry, or distressed during or after using the Internet or cell phone.
  • Appears anxious when receiving a text, IM, or email.
  • Avoids discussions or is secretive about computer or cell phone activities.
  • Withdraws from family, friends, and activities they previously enjoyed.
  • Suffers an unexplained drop in grades.
  • Refuses to go to school or to specific classes, or avoids group activities.
  • Shows changes in mood, behavior, sleep, appetite, or shows signs of depression or anxiety.”

“Deal with incidents of cyberbullying

  • Don’t reply to any incidents of cyberbullying but do save and document the threats (harassing messages, sexually explicit pictures, or threatening texts, for example) and report them to the police. Seek appropriate legal advice.
  • Report incidents of cyberbullying to the ISP, the cell phone company, and to any web site used in the cyberbullying.
  • Block the cyberbully’s email address or cell phone number, or change your child’s email address or phone number.
  • If you are able to identify the cyberbully, you could contact his or her parents or notify your child’s school if the cyberbully is also a student there. Many schools have established protocols for handling cyberbullying but check with your child first as he or she may prefer to resolve the problem privately.”