First, what is “grooming”?  According to google, “Online Grooming by Pedophiles is defined as “actions deliberately undertaken with the aim of befriending and establishing an emotional connection with a child, in order to lower the child’s inhibitions in preparation for sexual activity with the child”.

This can happen on any social media app, but let’s share an example from an app called  The below story is about a mom and her daughter (8).  Her daughter got on the social media app which allows individuals to send messages to each other, and within 48 hours she had received a message from “The Real Justin Bieber”.  The first message just asked “Who wants to win a 5 minute video call with me”.  From there, the messages got downright disgusting and asked the 8 year old to share naked pictures of herself.  Followed by “Lots of girls send me these pics, all the time and I will never tell anyone you sent one.”

See the full story on the link below and be sure to educate your kids to be sure and not reply to messages from people they don’t know.  Also, be sure you are monitoring their online activity and who they are speaking to.