This is a completely anonymous and relatively new app that allows the user to comment on anything.  As no personal information is collected from the users, usernames are assigned randomly.  It is designed for people to comment on news stories, but actually does allow people to create their own topics as well.

As with other anonymous apps, the danger in Cloaq is the propensity for it to promote bullying as users do not feel like they are accountable to what they post.

It is also another app that can damage kids reputations if they post inappropriate or unflattering things that come back to them, so in my opinion talking to your kids about their online reputation as a preventative measure is a good idea.

“As someone who has worked on the web for some time, the idea of actually inviting anonymous commenting in an era where online trolling seems to be getting worse, not better, is concerning. History has shown us, repeatedly, that once users are no longer accountable for what they have to say, they can express some pretty terrible things. And anonymous comments that trail the end of news articles are usually not insightful or thoughtful, to put it mildly.”